The Enchanting Cast of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Live-Action

Disney’s live-action adaptations of classic animated films have been a source of delight for fans around the world. Among these, the 2017 rendition of “Beauty and the Beast” stands out as a spectacular reimagining of the beloved tale. One of the key elements that contributed to the film’s success was the stellar cast that brought these iconic characters to life. In this article, we will delve into the exceptional ensemble that made this film a magical experience for audiences of all ages.

Emma Watson as Belle

The casting of Emma Watson as Belle was a stroke of brilliance. Known for her portrayal of Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series, Watson brought intelligence, grace, and a modern sensibility to the character of Belle. Her strong-willed nature, love for reading, and desire for adventure made her a perfect fit for the role. Watson’s dedication to the character extended beyond acting; she was also involved in discussions about Belle’s characterization and played an active role in shaping the portrayal of this iconic Disney princess.

Dan Stevens as Beast

Dan Stevens took on the challenging role of the Beast, a character that required a delicate balance between ferocity and vulnerability. Known for his work in “Downton Abbey” and “Legion,” Stevens delivered a remarkable performance through motion capture and voice acting. His ability to convey the Beast’s emotional journey, from anger and loneliness to love and redemption, added depth to the character and allowed audiences to empathize with his plight.

Luke Evans as Gaston

Luke Evans stepped into the shoes of the egotistical and narcissistic Gaston, the film’s primary antagonist. Known for his powerful stage presence in musicals like “Les Misérables” and “The Hobbit” trilogy, Evans brought a commanding presence to the role. His charismatic portrayal of Gaston captured the character’s overbearing confidence and obsession with Belle, making him a formidable foil to the Beast.

Josh Gad as LeFou

Josh Gad, known for his comedic talents in films like “Frozen” and “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure,” took on the role of Gaston’s loyal sidekick, LeFou. In this adaptation, LeFou’s character was given a fresh perspective, showcasing a more nuanced and complex personality. Gad’s performance added depth to the character, highlighting LeFou’s internal conflict and eventual realization of Gaston’s true nature.

Kevin Kline as Maurice

Kevin Kline brought a sense of gravitas to the role of Maurice, Belle’s inventive and caring father. A seasoned actor with a diverse range of roles, Kline’s portrayal of Maurice provided a heartfelt anchor to the story. His love for Belle and his determination to protect her added an emotional depth that resonated with audiences.

Supporting Cast

The supporting cast of “Beauty and the Beast” was equally impressive, featuring talents such as Ewan McGregor as Lumière, Ian McKellen as Cogsworth, Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts, Audra McDonald as Madame de Garderobe, and Stanley Tucci as Maestro Cadenza. Each actor brought their unique style and charisma to their respective enchanted objects, adding layers of charm and humor to the film.

Emma Watson as Belle:

  • Emma Watson’s portrayal of Belle was a refreshing take on the traditional Disney princess. Her performance embodied Belle’s independence, intelligence, and compassion. Watson’s commitment to the character was evident in her singing, as she underwent extensive vocal training to deliver the film’s musical numbers. Her rendition of “Belle (Reprise)” and “Something There” showcased her musical talent and added a personal touch to the character.
  • Watson’s interpretation of Belle’s character also emphasized her desire for knowledge and her resistance against societal norms. This modern twist resonated with audiences, making Belle a relatable and empowering figure for viewers of all ages.

Dan Stevens as Beast:

  • Dan Stevens’ portrayal of the Beast was a standout performance that demonstrated his versatility as an actor. Through motion capture technology and his commanding voice, Stevens brought the Beast to life in a way that was both fearsome and heartrending. His ability to convey the Beast’s internal struggle and eventual transformation was a testament to his acting prowess.
  • Stevens’ chemistry with Emma Watson was palpable, adding depth to the romantic storyline. The gradual shift from hostility to tenderness between the characters was portrayed with a delicate touch, allowing audiences to invest emotionally in their journey.

Luke Evans as Gaston:

  • Luke Evans’ interpretation of Gaston was a tour de force, capturing the character’s arrogance and toxic masculinity. Evans’ powerful vocals and commanding presence made Gaston a formidable adversary for Belle and the Beast. His performance of the song “Gaston” was a highlight, showcasing his theatrical and musical talents.
  • Evans also added layers of complexity to Gaston’s character, hinting at his underlying insecurities and vulnerabilities. This nuanced portrayal provided a deeper understanding of Gaston’s motivations and actions, elevating him beyond a one-dimensional villain.

Josh Gad as LeFou:

  • Josh Gad’s portrayal of LeFou was a revelation, offering a more rounded and empathetic version of the character. Gad infused LeFou with humor and warmth, showcasing his loyalty to Gaston while also hinting at a growing awareness of Gaston’s flaws. This added dimension to LeFou’s character allowed for a more engaging and dynamic narrative arc.
  • Gad’s performance was pivotal in the film’s approach to inclusivity and representation, as LeFou’s character was subtly portrayed as experiencing a sense of self-discovery and acceptance.

Kevin Kline as Maurice:

  • Kevin Kline’s portrayal of Maurice provided a poignant emotional anchor to the story. His portrayal of Belle’s loving and protective father was filled with tenderness and genuine care. Kline’s performance in the opening scenes, where Maurice encounters the enchanted castle, conveyed a sense of vulnerability and determination that set the tone for the film.


The cast of Disney’s live-action adaptation of “Beauty and the Beast” played a pivotal role in bringing this beloved tale to life. Through their exceptional performances, they breathed new life into these iconic characters, captivating audiences around the world. From Emma Watson’s empowering portrayal of Belle to Dan Stevens’ poignant performance as the Beast, and the memorable supporting cast, each member contributed to the film’s success. Their collective efforts transformed this classic fairy tale into a cinematic masterpiece that will continue to enchant audiences for generations to come.






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